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Whole House Humidifier in Brighton, CO

About Our Whole House Humidifier Services

In the dry air of Colorado, it’s common for skin to feel dry and itchy, sicknesses to spread more easily, and furniture and wood floors to warp and crack. One solution to all of these problems is to install a whole house humidifier.

Most people feel the most comfortable when humidity is between 30% and 50%. But during cold Colorado winters, humidity in your house can regularly drop well below 20%. A whole house humidifier can be added to your furnace and spreads a controlled amount of moisture through the air in the entire house when it is turned on. The result is a comfortable house with air that doesn’t dry out your skin or cause any other issues. And compared to a portable humidifier that has to be moved from room to room and uses a long cord, a whole house humidifier can provide continual comfort to every area of the house.

Endurance is a leader in whole house humidifier installation in Brighton, Colorado, and can help add moisture to the air in your home for a safer and more comfortable environment.

Benefits of a Whole House Humidifier

Dry air can lead to a number of health issues and discomforts, which tend to be worse during the cold winter months and when the furnace or air conditioner is running frequently. Dry air also creates high amounts of static electricity, which can cause frizz, shocks, and even harm electronics. By adding moisture to the air, a whole house humidifier increases the humidity of your home and relieves the dryness in the air.

A whole house humidifier can lead to better health and sleep. Low humidity can cause your nasal passages and throat to feel dry and itchy, which can make it hard to breathe or sleep without snoring. Dry air can also make it easier for germs and diseases to spread throughout the house. Adding moisture to the air can make it easier for people in your home to breathe and lower the risk of getting sick. This is especially important for people with allergies, asthma, or other conditions that put them at risk of germs.

Another benefit of a whole house humidifier is the comfort. Air with low humidity can cause skin to feel dry and itchy, no matter how much lotion you apply. Increasing the humidity in the house lowers the chances of your skin losing its moisture in the dry air.

And then there are the benefits to your house itself. Dry air can cause wood floors and furniture to crack, warp, and shrink and make it difficult for houseplants to survive. A whole house humidifier creates a more pleasant environment for the building and your belongings will stay in great condition.

Where to Install a Whole House Humidifier

A whole house humidifier is installed on your HVAC system’s air ducts so that it can spread moisture through the ducts to the entire house and increase the humidity. The best place for installing a whole house humidifier is to the main stack of the furnace close to where the system gets water from a nearby hot or cold water pipe. A centrally located whole house humidifier ensures that the water vapor gets spread evenly throughout the house to increase the humidity equally in every room.


The experienced team at Endurance has installed hundreds of whole house humidifiers and can find the best place to put the unit in your home. From Honeywell to Aprilaire, we’ll match the right humidifier for your home, lifestyle, and budget.

How to Maintain a Whole House Humidifier

Like all parts of a furnace system, a whole house humidifier requires regular maintenance to stay in top working condition. Once your humidifier is installed, it becomes part of the entire HVAC system. Regular tune-ups with the Endurance team can ensure your system is clean and in good working order.

When the whole house humidifier isn’t properly cleaned or maintained, it won’t produce good results and can lead to issues in the rest of the HVAC system. For best results, clean and check the whole house humidifier every month, especially during the winter months when the air is especially dry and the humidifier will likely be working harder.

You can enjoy all Colorado has to offer without suffering in dry air. A whole house humidifier can make your home safer and more comfortable. Trust the locally owned and experienced team at Endurance to install and maintain your whole house humidifier.


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